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Why does our skin need hydration?

May 19, 2020 | Company News | 0 comments

No matter how old you are, skin care is very important to keep you young. And the most important thing of skin care is water replenish. But do you really know how to water replenish?

  1. Why do we need hydration?

Our normal skin stratum corneum has a water content of about 20%. The more it goes to the bottom of the skin, the higher the water content.

The moisture of the skin is the basis of all metabolism and defense. When the water content is less than 10%, the keratinocytes will become depressed, the gap becomes larger, the metabolism becomes slower, and the self-repairing ability is reduced.

We need to know that skin dehydration is not just as simple as water shortage, it is also the root cause of many skin problems.

  • Dull skin and spots increase

Everyone’s skin has the function of self-protection. The lack of water in the skin causes the skin’s self-healing ability to decrease greatly. The skin cells will accelerate aging, and the new cells will die more easily.

The metabolism of the entire skin slows down, and the melanin in the surface layer cannot be decomposed quickly, resulting in the entire skin dull and dull, and it will easily grow colour spots over time.

  • Clog pores and acne

When the skin is dehydrated and becomes dry, the sebaceous glands will actively secrete more oil to help. When the dehydrated skin is moisturized by too much oil, it will cause the water and oil imbalance of the entire skin.

Too much oil will also clog the pores, making the horny aging and skin trash can not be discharged smoothly, which will make the pores thicker, the skin becomes rough and fall into a vicious circle.

If it is serious, it will cause a series of problems such as acne and closed mouth. And because the the metabolic capacity is reduced, even if the acne subsides, it will easily leave acne marks.

  • Skin allergies

Because the “dirty” of the skin can not be effectively discharged, it may cause skin allergies if accumulated for a long time.

The lack of water in the skin can also weaken the barrier function of the stratum corneum, making the skin “fragile”. Even more to cause allergic symptoms if careless.

  • Wrinkles

After the skin is dehydrated, the dermis layer lacks nutrients, and the epidermis layer has no water-locking ability, which damages the collagen and elastic fibers in the skin. More severely, It will also accelerate the loss of water, make the skin lose elasticity, appear sagging, and even wrinkles The phenomenon.

  1. How to hydration effectively?

The most useful way is with the help of mesotherapy device.

So far, there are a lot of mesotherapy device to help you hydration on the market. Compare with other mesotherapy device, Dimei’s new mesotherapy device ReSkin can do hydration more effectvely. It combined with 450m/s high speed and 850KPa high pressure to inject hydration products into the deeper skin layer without any wound, any pain and any redness. It’s needle free injection which means you don’t need to worry about any health risk.

Moreover, ReSkin can address all skin care needs combined with various cosmetic products such as hyaluronic acid products, to reach the effect of skin rejuvenation, wrinkle removal, hair regrowth and so on.

If you want to moisturize skin and improve complexion, ReSkin is a good partner to help you keep young and beauty. It is a more advanced treatment, efficient water lock, long-lasting moisturizing, every time you use it is the most beautiful skin care.

Only if you absolutely love your skin will your skin shine and charm at any time!

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