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Meso Injector
Meso Injecor

Meso Injector, it is the latest and most cutting-edge scientific and technological medical injection equipment. High-value, high-tech, vacuum automatic injection system, 32G ultra-fine 9-pin needle can accurately inject nutrients into the skin at a depth of 2mm, micro-needles are injected into the skin, the skin is lifted with vacuum function, and then multiple needles are more accurate into the deep layer of the dermis.

This instrument has more sophisticated functions and can be used flexibly. It can be used not only for skin care, but also for scalp hair follicle repair and regeneration, lipolysis, PRP injection, various sizes of hyaluronic acid, and Botulinum toxin face lifting etc ..

  • Smart touch screen, easy and simply operation.

  •  Automatic boost sensing system, more precise injection depth.

  • Faster injection speed, shorter operation time.

  • Higher Nutrient absorption than traditional supplement therapy.

  • Mild-delicate pain with 32G 9-pin needle.

  • Adjusted for injection according to different viscosity of the medicine, no loss of medicine

  • One machine for multiple uses.

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Solution injection is to inject hyaluronic acid into skin depressions, stimulate the skin to produce new collagen, and maintain the dynamic balance of subcutaneous collagen at the injection site for a long time, which can effectively eliminate various causes of facial skin, such as wrinkles and depressions. Skin aging problem.

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Automatic Boost Sensing System

Meso Injector is using the automatic boost sensing system, suction pressure is detected and set when a needle is pressed on the skin and injects solution automatically and precisely. When the needle is in contact with the skin, it touches the suction pressure sensing device to adjust the vacuum. Moreover, it helps to shorten the procedure time.

Smart Setting System

Meso Injector can adjust injection suction pressure and time for different skin types, it makes the injection depth more precise according to the type of skin thickness. The smart setting system makes the device to own its ability to remain injection settings for various operation types. It is possible to retain various injector settings for different types of operation, therefore significantly less time is spent on setting the injection.



Meso Injector
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