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Pixel CO2™ • Skin Resurfacing & Vaginal Tightening • Dimyth
Non-invasive Solution for whitening and Juvederm Injection.

As we age, our skin generally becomes drier and more susceptible to cracking as a result of moisture loss. It is a very common problem for many women at midlife and beyond, and most women suffer from dry skin on some level. Others may have a hereditary factor or environmental factor that causes dry skin, such as papulae, dermatitis, pruritus. Whatever the cause of your dry skin, ReSkin will provide solutions to the problems mentioned above.

Reskin, as its name implies, is to use high pressure ejector combined with supersonic technology, pushing the active ingredients such as hyaluronic acid, Vitamin C and normal saline through the dermal layer of the skin without the use of a needle. In turn, it will penetrate into skin and allows cells to absorb the active ingredients contained within these vital nutrients to supplement moisture and nutrients for the skin, which makes skin smooth, moist and energetic.

  • 850KPa High Pressure
  • 450m/s High Supersonic Speed
  • Non-invasive, Painless and Bloodless Therapy
  • Hydrating Facial Without Needles of Any Kind
  • Optimistic Market Expectation
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During the treatment, tiny amounts of hyaluronic acid and other nutrients are injected into your face through a jet orifice, as we all know, hyaluronic acid is considered to have an unique capacity to hold moisture, which deeply hydrates your skin, eliminates fine lines and wrinkle, makes your skin moist and smooth. 
Pixel CO2™ • Skin Resurfacing & Vaginal Tightening • Dimyth
Non-invasive Mesotherapy • Skin smooth, moist and energetic • Dimyth


With ReSkin, the deepest skin layers can successfully be treated without pain or risk.
ReSkin is at present the only needle-free, non-invasive form of therapy that makes it possible to nourish deep skin layers to their maximum. It can reach dermis and not only provides them with important active ingredients, but it also contributes significantly to skin whitening with a long-lasting effect, all without needles and without pain.

High-pressure Jet & Supersonic Technology
The ReSkin works by using a high pressurised oxygen jet and delivers a new kind of non-invasive and painless skin care with outstanding results. Results are visible after procedures, deeply hydrates to reduce the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles, and you ‘ll be able to present a smoother, softer, fresher face. In many cases, you can achieve benefits similar to a needle mesotherapy treatment.


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