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The benefits of facial laser treatments

May 21, 2020 | Company News | 0 comments

With age growing up and after the age of 25, the collagen in the face gradually decreases , More and more facial problems – Sun damage , fine lines , acne scars , wrinkle ,etc.People used to use night mask and skin care products. Masks and nighttime lotions are vital in maintaining the health of your skin over time, but these products seem to not make big difference on skin and not keep long. The nutrition of the mask does not penetrate well into the face. To solve these face problem, we have many faical laser treatments that can offer complete rejuvenation and help you improved your skin ! No matter how terrible of your skin, using lasers to restore collagen production and allow your skin to return to the health of its youth. Facial Laser beauty is fast and effective, safe and reliable, no down time, which is popular now. Laser beauty does not require patients to be hospitalized, and the surgery is less invasive.

The immediate side effects of facial laser treatments

Are there any side effects of laser beauty? Laser cosmetology is widely used in the beauty industry. The treatment is relatively safe and there are minor side effects. The specific conditions are as follows: local redness, blistering, and rapid and effective recovery through cold compresses and external wet compresses. Exposure to the treatment site can cause pigmentation, and brown patches form at the treatment site.The principle of laser is to use high-intensity temperature for treatment. There will be pain. If the amount of laser is large, the skin will be easily burned and the skin will appear scarred. For the beauty-loving people whose skin is fragile and sensitive, there may be dehydration, which is because the part after the laser beauty will become white and tender, and for friends who often have white spots, they Only after more than half a year recover slowly. And the important point it is very important to choose professional hospitals and technical experts.

What to avoid after a laser treatment

  1. Avoid sunlight and burn before and after the treatment. Using a quality SPF during the day and a basic moisturiser at night are essential.
  2. Not eat spicy food, sea food and other stimulating food. Not use efficacy products
  3. Try not to touch the water, use saline or distilled water, keep the treatment area clean, refreshing, and smear some repair cream.
  4. After the treatment, patients are not allowed to eat the foods of dark color or great pungent within two weeks, such as the sauce, coke, seafood, capsicum etc.
  5. It’s not allowed that use any cosmetics after the treatment, suggested that use the natural moisturize products

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