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Now that people have more money and life is becoming better , many people have begun to learn all kinds of maintenance to keep themselves young, so they often go to beauty salons and medical beauty clinics. Now let’s talk about what items in beauty salons are better to make money, and which beauty project is more attractive to customers, which new salon beauty equipment is more suitable for your beauty salon? Today we will introduce you two new beauty equipment- Slimor & Reskin II, You can more understanding of these two machines well and you will find that is the perfect choice for you.

  1. The first beauty items is to do facial treatmentto improve and prevent facial problems, such as whitening treatments, aiming at the uneven dark yellow color of the skin, which can help improve and improve the bright color of the skin. The moisturizing care process can help the skin replenish moisture. It restores moisture to the skin and reduces dry lines caused by lack of water. Freckle care can dilute melanin and whiten skin.
  2. The second Health-preserving items, the main items include neck maintenance, weight loss, buttocks maintenance, body meridian dredging, lymphatic drainage, etc.

Slimor & Reskin II Machine:

What is slimor?

A comfortable vaccum Rotation massage treatment, combined with 40K cavitation ,Vacuum, RF to Treat Cellulite and Reshape the Body

Dimyth’s Slimor is a minimally invasive, truly effective treatment solution for a wide range of fat people, with substantially reduced risks and improved clinical outcomes.With these four treatments, you can easily handle. You can treat all areas of the body, treat all skin types, and meet the needs of all different patients.

○Advanced Vaccum cavitation with rotation massage treatment

○Unique Combined technology 5M RF with 40K Cavitation

○Short treatment sessions and outstanding results

○Suit all people, all fat types

What is Reskin II?

Hydrafacial Combined with Various Cosmetic Products Injection for Anti-aging, Whitening and Hydrating.

Using The High Pressure Injector Combined With Supersonic Technology, Pushing The Active Ingredients Such As Vitamin c And Normal Saline Through The Dermal Layer Of The Skin Without Needles, We Connection The Hydrafacial Utilizes The Natural Healing Powers Of Water And Oxygen , One Device As a Skin Care Center .

○Multifunctional Solve All Skin Problem

○Non-invasive, Painless and Bloodless Therapy

○Obvious Different Result After First Treatment