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Best Hydra facial Machine in Beauty Spa Center

Jul 1, 2020 | Company News | 0 comments

We all know that skin cleaning and skin moisture are the most basic item for skin care. There are lots of hydra facial machine in the market for your choice. And they have the same handles for skin cleanse and hydration.

The hydra facial machines in the market usually have these handles.

  1. Skin scrubber and hydro dermabrasion for skin cleanse.
  2. Ultrasound handle and water spray jet for nutrient leading-in.
  3. RF handle for skin lifting.
  4. Cold hammer for skin calming down.

Reskin II is one of the hydra facial machines from Dimei beauty equipment manufacturer. Compared with other hydra facial machine in the market, it can help your beauty spa

  • Looks more beautiful and high-level than other beauty spa

This machine is made with the main colours of gray and white. Dimei has applied the brand patent for the machine. The unique design won lots of love around all over the world.

  • Extend your beauty item

Reskin II has all the functions which other hydra facial machines have. The company use new technology of mesogun to instead of the water spray jet. It works with high pressure 850KPa and 450m/s high speed to help the skin care product inject into the dermis skin layer without any wound. While water spray jet is only spray the skin care product into the epidermis skin layer. The treatment result is more obvious than other hydra facial machine.

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