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How to care your eyes?

May 8, 2020 | Company News | 0 comments

What makes up our eye skin?

The first layer: skin layer
The outermost layer of the eyelid is the skin layer, which is the thinnest skin in the whole body, with a thickness of 0.33-0.36 mm. The eyelid skin has epidermal and dermal structures. The epidermis is composed of 6-7 layers of stratified squamous epithelium, and the dermis is rich in nerves, blood vessels, lymphatic vessels and elastic fibers.

Second layer: subcutaneous tissue layer
The subcutaneous connective tissue of the eyelid is particularly prone to loosening and rarely contains fatty tissue. The fiber bundle can only be connected to the fiber bundle under the muscle.

Third layer: muscle layer
The muscle layer of the eyelid includes the orbicularis oculi muscle, the levator eyelid muscle and the smooth muscle. Focus on the orbicularis oculi muscle: a layer of flat muscles around the eyelid and orbit with the eye crack as the center, which can be divided into three parts: the orbit, the eyelid, and the lacrimal sac.

Fourth layer: meibomian layer
It is a half-moon shaped cartilage-like film, which has a supporting effect to keep the eyelid flat. The meibomian glands can secrete oily substances, which can oil the eyelid and increase the sealing effect when the eyelid is closed.

Fifth layer: conjunctiva layer
The innermost layer of the eyelid is lined with the inner surface of the eyelid plate and closely connected to it, inwardly connected to the eyeball. Protects the eyes.

What are the main factors that cause eye skin problems?

For the purpose of health care of eye skin aesthetics, the common factors that affect eye skin are: season and climate, environment and lifestyle.

Seasonal climate has a natural effect on the skin; in the spring, the skin is vigorously metabolized, the temperature is large, and the changes are prone to cause acne and dermatitis; in the summer, due to the influence of the ultraviolet ray of the hot climate, excessive exposure causes excessive secretion of the skin It is easy to get sun dermatitis, pigmented skin disease and infectious skin disease; autumn and winter, the climate is dry, the weather changes greatly, dry skin and chapped skin are common phenomena, and it is also easy to get eczema and dermatitis.

The impact of the environment on the skin is gradually caused by the urbanization process: noise will cause nerves, blood vessels and muscle tension; air pollution such as chemical dust and gaseous microorganisms is easy to cause pigmentation, dermatitis, dryness, chapped skin and premature skin ; In some cities, physical factors such as light, heat, cold and wet will make the skin aging and get a variety of skin diseases.

The influence of lifestyle on the skin of the eyes is an inevitable result of the interference and quality improvement of life in modern civilization: in the diet, the right amount of protein and sufficient vitamins can effectively regulate healthy skin. Excessive or insufficient will cause skin aging, prone to all kinds of diseases; abnormal mood in life, it is also easy to cause skin aging, pigment deepening, causing various diseases such as N dermatitis; reasonable exercise such as reasonable living, eye Exercise, suitable outdoor activities, etc., can make the eyes and skin fit, otherwise it will cause the aging to accelerate; skin is the main means of eye and skin fitness, and continuous skin cleansing will cause skin allergies and inflammation, resulting in degradation of skin resistance .

How to care for eye skin?


 Because the skin around the eyes is more sensitive. You must first use eye makeup remover or makeup remover, and then use cotton pad to remove. If the makeup remover cannot be removed cleanly, it is easy to cause skin problems such as acne hyperplasia.


The eye muscles are in a swollen state. Due to the external environment, we need to do moisturizing and sun protection. Eyemoka Ultrasonic eye handle utilizes 3 to 4 million vibrations per second,The effect of cavitation and warming (36~37 degrees) reduces the defensive function of the phospholipid bilayer, Through the skin Maximize penetration of the solution, use eye Special ultrasonic Matching product Accelerate skin repair.


Eyemoka Vacuum RF Handle using vacuum vacuum suction and unique roller design, the skin and the subcutaneous muscle tissue are pulled up, and then the wavy deep massage is applied to the eye through the action of the roller on the front and back of the vacuum suction handle, and the skin and adipose tissue of the eye are applied. This aerobic exercise can enhance the lymphatic drainage function and blood circulation of the eye by 4 times, so that the eye muscle tissue can be fully relaxed, and the muscle tissue of the skin can be relieved. Carrying RF bipolar radio frequency energy to deeply stimulate collagen regeneration to achieve eye lifting and firming effect.

Use eye cream/Oil

Eye cream/oil with Eyemoka 1470nm Red infrared & RF lifting handle lifting handle transmit 700-2000nm (IR) (maximum 20W) infrared light can penetrate the skin layer, The effect for Dilate blood vessels, stimulate blood circulation, accelerate lymphatic circulation, and increase oxygen saturation in local tissues,Have a good effect of assisting eye tightening.

Combined with RF cosmetic positioning tissue heating meanwhile , promote subcutaneous collagen shrinkage and remove wrinkles. For eye tail lines, fine lines, dry lines, eye edema, eye bags, relaxation to achieve the role of beauty treatment.


Sunscreen must not be neglected, the soft eye skin cannot withstand the damage of ultraviolet rays. But don’t restrict the use of whitening sunscreen because of sunscreen. You can choose skin care products according to the needs of the eyes, such as using pure physical sunscreen, sunscreen, or sunscreen foundation to block ultraviolet rays. In addition to applying sunscreen products on the eyes, going out in the hot sun, wearing sunglasses, hats or parasols are all ways of sunscreening the eyes, and can prevent fine lines caused by the squinting of the eyes due to strong sunlight.

Ensure enough sleep

The lack of sleep is easy to see from the eyes, forming a series of eye skin problems, such as dark circles, sagging skin and so on. So if you want to keep your eyes and surrounding skin in good condition, you must make sure you get enough sleep to prevent staying up late.

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