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How to care for the skin after picosecond laser treatment?

May 5, 2020 | Company News | 0 comments

The method of freckle removal in picosecond surgery is still quite popular now, and the effect is quite significant, but the reason why many people have redness and swelling after finishing this treatment is because they do not take good care after the surgery, which makes their wounds The area has been infected with some bacteria, and if the pigment in your body has not completely faded, you must take care to prevent the wound from getting wet.

Here are some tips for you:

  1. After using the picosecond laser freckle removal beauty treatment, the skin may be swollen due to energy shots, but this is normal, and sometimes there is a slight heat sensation, but it will soon disappear.
  2. Wipe the anti-inflammatory cream every day after the picosecond lasertreatment. The wound will slowly crease and fall off after about a week. At this time, the skin is pink. In this process, care must be taken to keep clean and avoid being exposed to the sun, otherwise it will affect the effect of picosecond laser treatment.
  3. If the pigment has not completely subsided after freckle removal, you don’t need to worry about it, you can go to the next treatment about 1 month.
  4. Pay attention to continuous sun protection after surgery, eat less greasy and spicy food, keep a happy mood, and do not use whitening and stimulating products.
  5. An easy-to-use mask can be applied after surgery. For the first 3-4 days after surgery, pay attention to the “repair” work (smear the growth factor), try not to touch the water, wipe with normal saline or distilled water, and keep the treatment area clean and fresh. And rub some healing ointment.
  6. Do not dosauna or vigorous exercise within seven days. Do not eat stimulating and pigmented foods such as coriander, mustard, celery, leek, spinach, chocolate, coffee, soy sauce, non-smoking alcohol within seven days.
  7. If you have crusts, do not pull them by hand, and strengthen hydration care after ten days.
  8. After a week, the wound will begin to scab and fall off. At this time, sun protection is absolutely necessary. When you go out, you must rub SPF 20 to SPF 30 sunscreen, and you must continuous sun protection at least 3-6 months.
  9. If there is any abnormal conditions, ask your doctor for help, never do it yourself without doctorsuggestion.

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