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Effective Suggestion For Sensitive Skin Care

May 16, 2020 | Company News | 0 comments

Everyone likes beauty. But improper skin care or use of cosmetics can easily make your skin sensitive. Many people don’t know how to care for and repair sensitive skin. Here is 5 effective suggestions for you.

Sensitive skin is a kind of very fragile skin. It is due to skin damage caused by irritation, thin stratum corneum, low tolerance, and poor water retention capacity. At times, it is easy to redden and tingle; it is very easy to be sunburned; lacking the defense ability of normal skin, it is easy to be damaged and attacked by microorganisms. This kind of skin is usually fair, with small pores, faint red blood on the face or frequent flushing. It has a clear response to slight cold and hot wind blowing; it often feels that the skin is tight and lack of water, and it is very easy to peel in autumn and winter, although visually It looks good, and sometimes it looks beautiful, but it is easily affected by the external environment in daily life. It needs special careyour skin. A reasonable treatment method should be selected to avoid allergic reactions.

Sensitive skin is divided into 3 categories, 1. Naturally sensitive, 2. Seasonally sensitive, 3. Over-care skin makes the skin sensitive

1.Naturally sensitive skin

Naturally sensitive skin people have a thin stratum corneum, obvious red blood on their faces, and their skin often becomes red and hot if they don’t agree.  It is easy to feel tingling when using skin care products.

2.Season sensitive skin

When the seasons alternate, the temperature will rise and fall, the humidity will be low, the weather will be dry, and the skin condition will become unstable. If it is stimulated by the outside world, it may cause redness, itching, tingling, peeling, and even dense Red bumps affect the comfort and beauty of the body.

3.Excessive skin care makes the skin sensitive

It is usually caused by the use of cleansing products with strong cleaning power and excessive use of skin care products. It is easy to appear symptoms such as scaling and redness when changing seasons.

Therefore, if the symptoms of sensitive muscles appear, it is not a problem that can be replenished by moisturizing or moisturizing, nor is it a problem that can be solved by facial masks. Which way to start!


  1. Do not over-clean

Excessive cleaning is a common mistake in skin care. Many people think that the skin is greasy and itchy, they should clean the skin frequently, but this will cause the skin cuticle to thin, which will not only reduce the skin’s resistance, cause skin sensitivity, and may cause enlarged pores. Therefore, under normal circumstances, clean it 1 to 2 times in one day, with facial cleanser at night, and clean water in the morning. It is recommended to use amino acid cleansing products, and carefully choose mild alkaline and acidic products.


2.Pay attention to the ingredients of skin care products

Skin care products that do not contain alcohol, spices, and pigments should be used whenever possible. It is best to contain plant ingredients, such as chrysanthemum and chamomile, hyaluronic acid and dipotassium glycyrrhizinate and other skin care products, which can improve allergic skin, and some skin care products containing vitamin E and vitamin A can relieve allergic symptoms of sensitive skin. In addition, it is best not to frequently change skin care products for sensitive skin. In terms of product stability, the more effective skin care products, the more ingredients such as emulsifiers and thickeners that need to be added to keep their properties stable. The ingredients are too complex, and the skin is more susceptible to allergies. Therefore, the ideal skin care product is to use the least ingredients to maximize its effectiveness.

2.Daily attention to moisturizing

Only skin with sufficient moisture can resist external factors to the skin in good condition. Therefore, in addition to daily care, we must choose products with high humidity retention, and we also need to use sprays and other auxiliary water. Not only does it hydrate well, it also soothes and calms sensitive skin. So try to choose mild moisturizing products for sensitive skin, chamomile spray soothing repair moisturizing is particularly gentle, even allergic skin can be used.

2.Makeup remover

People with sensitive skin are advised not to wear or make up. Nowadays, when you go out, you basically have the habit of makeup. Makeup itself can make people look more temperament, and the whole person is more energetic. However, due to tiredness and rush to sleep, some female friends are likely to have the problem of not removing makeup or incomplete makeup removal, and these may cause greater damage to the skin. Therefore, make-up must be removed at ordinary times, and must be cleaned, so that it is conducive to skin care.

5.Sun protection

Some people think that sun protection is not needed after autumn, and there is no sun or sun protection. This idea is wrong. Sun protection should be done all year round. Sun protection is not the sunlight that can be seen with the naked eye but the ultraviolet that we can’t see with the naked eye. Ultraviolet rays are the culprit that harms our skin and darkens our skin. The natural source of ultraviolet rays is mainly sunlight, which exists all year round. We have to choose the right sunscreen according to the change of seasons. Sunscreen must be applied evenly on the bare skin about half an hour before going out, especially on the forehead, cheekbones, nose bridge and upper lips, because these parts are the most prone to sunburn.

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