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What is the difference between IPL and 808nm diode laser hair Removal ?

May 20, 2020 | Company News | 0 comments

How to choose a good hair removal machine? What is the difference of the IPL and diode laser hair removal machine? Which one is better ?As a beauty salon owner, I think you must keep thinking these problem many times in your mind. There are many different hair removal machine in market. As we know , IPL and diode laser hair removal machine are most popular in the world . what you need to do is to know about laser hair removal technologies. IPL is not the laser .  Understanding the differences between the diode lasers and IPL is key before investing in a laser hair removal business.

What Is Diode Laser Hair Removal

Laser hair removal is based on the principle of selective photothermodynamics. Through laser wavelength energy, it can pass through the skin surface to reach the root hair follicle of the hair, and then the light energy is absorbed and converted into heat energy that destroys the hair follicle tissue, so that the hair loses its ability to regenerate. But it will not damage the surrounding tissues and tingling while playing a role in the hair follicles. Relatively speaking, laser hair removal is a safe, fast and long-lasting hair removal technique.808nm diode laser hair removal it is working well on all different color skin hair removal include dark skin.

What Is IPL Hair Removal

The principle of IPL (Intense Pulsed Light) hair removal is the use of selective photopyrolysis of a patented strong pulse light source to irradiate the normal epidermis without damage and penetrate the skin directly to the root of the hair follicle. The melanin in the hair shaft and hair follicles is then absorbed and converted into heat energy, thereby increasing the temperature of the hair follicles to achieve the effect of hair removal. IPL targets brown pigment so its hair removal properties are limited to light skin and dark skin. Patients with darker skin are much more side effects when using IPL, such as burns and skin damage.

—-Whats the difference between Diode laser hair removal and IPL?

Wavelength : Diode laser produce a single concentrated wavelength 808nm of light to target melanin in the hair; while IPL produce wide spectrum of light (550nm-1200nm), rather than one specific wavelength to target melanin in the hair.

Treatment Results :IPL hair removal work on light skin, require more treatment times; laser hair removal can work well on all different color skin , require less treatment.

Treatment Feeling: IPL treatment will little bit pain; while diode laser hair removal is comfort , painless and fast.

Price : IPL is cheaper ; 808nm diode laser hair removal is more expensive

Which is the best laser for your salon business?

Choosing between IPL and diode laser hair removal machine is a personal decision. If you have enough budget for the hair removal machine and you want cheaper price , IPL machine is better for you. If you only want the high quality and best hair removal machine. 808nm Diode laser machine is the best for you. Diode laser hair removal is all about delivering the most effective technology that gives high client satisfaction for your business. 808nm Diode laser hair removal will be the best choice for your salon. Here is more information of diode laser machine:  https://dimyth.com/laseway-808/

— How much do professional laser hair removal machines cost ?

Cheap aesthetic machines will be of poorer quality and can end up costing businesses more in the long run. High quality diode lasers can last for many millions of pulses making their running costs low. Usually 808nm diode laser hair removal machine can shot more than 10 millions times, it can use more 5 years usually. Price can be range from $2800- $6000/set for the good diode laser hair removal machine. IPL on the other hand, will require regular changes of either their flash-lamps or hand-pieces will have to be factored in to costs when considering the total business cost. IPL will be cheaper price, price can be $2000-$3000/set.

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