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Laseway Ice™ - Diode Laser Hair Removal

thermage FLX

Thermage FLX

The Fifth Generation Professional Skin Tightening&Lifting Machine

Look Beautiful from Head to Toe with Thermage

Thermagic FLX is a non-invasive radiofrequency (RF) therapy that can smooth, tighten and contour skin for an overall younger-looking appearance. Specially treats wrinkles and loose skin on the face, around the eyes and on the body.

  • Controlled Treatment Temperature
  • Piecise energy point
  • No Surgery or Injections
  • A Single Treatment
  • Fast and Comfortable
  • No Downtime
  • Lasting Results



Reduce the visible signs of aging in minutes with Thermage, the fastest growing energy-based skin tightening device worldwide and the only skin tightening device in the United States indicated to treat directly on the eyelids to help reduce hooding, for a more awakened look. Globally, over 2 million Thermage® treatments have been performed.


Laseway Ice™ - Diode Laser Hair Removal


Thermage Procedure

Thermage is typically performed in a doctor’s office and may take up to an hour, depending on the size and condition of the treatment area. Thermage delivers radio frequency energy to heat collagen, a structural protein located in the deep layers of the skin. Thermage helps build and contract collagen, which in turn tightens the skin’s appearance. During each pulse, the outer layer of the skin is cooled while the deeper layers of skin and fat are heated to induce collagen tightening.

Each energy pulse takes two to seven seconds. The entire face may require 400 to 600 pulses. The number of pulses needed to treat other body parts varies.

Thermage Results

You may be able to see Thermage results after just one procedure. Some women who have undergone body contouring around their love handles with Thermage have lost 1.5 inches of girth around their abdomen after one treatment.

The skin tightens during the initial process and continues to tighten for three to six months afterward. The procedure also stimulates your body’s natural healing process, which produces more collagen over time.

The Thermage experience is often described as a deep heating or mild pinching sensation. A new vibrating hand-piece has led to significantly less discomfort.

Best Candidates for Thermage

Thermage may work best for people who require 1 to 2 millimeters of facial tightening, compared with the 1 or more centimeters offered in a brow lift.

Thermage body contouring candidates should have lax skin in the lower abdomen. This includes women who have had children. Women with flabby upper arms, inner thighs and buttocks may also be candidates for Thermage.