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1.The toned abs and butt lift you’ve always dreamed of, without the hours spent toiling away at the gym.

It’s pain-free, safe and effective, treatments are non-invasive, and typically only take about 30 minutes from start to finish.

Normally you will need 4-6 treatments with results improving over the following weeks.

1.EM SHAPE designed and is the latest generation of machines that uses high-intensity pulsed electromagnetic (HIPEM) field technology to trigger supramaximal contractions in highly-specific targeted muscle areas. In this case, it focuses primarily on treating muscles in the abdominal and buttocks regions.

2.Despite the fact that muscle accounts for about 35% of the human body, many different weight loss therapies on the market are not targeting the muscles but only the fat. In addition, in the improvement of the buttock shape, there is no treatment other than injection and surgery.

However, EM SHAPE with a completely new technology that does not overlap with other companies can simultaneously reach muscle and fat.

This is the only new generation device for safe and effective non-invasive treatment.

3.It can builds muscle and helps your body burn off fat at the same time.

The result improves:

The tone



And appearance of those muscle groups