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Upgrading the product but lowering the price. Yeah, that’s what we have done!

Oct 7, 2015 | Company News | 0 comments

DM-704I 4 In 1 Slimming Machine (Cryolipolysis + Cavitation + RF + Lipo Laser) gets some upgrades while its price is lowered. Yes, we are really doing this. For those who want an awesome slimming machine, now it’s just the right time to own it!

What’s Been Upgraded?

#1 Texture of Case & Handpiece

The coating of the case used to be glossy, which looks fine. But we want to make it better. We upgraded the case texture to matte  coating, and we use better material. It touches better and looks even more elegant.

We’ve also upgraded the workmanship of the hand piece. Every small part fit together perfectly. The dull polishing of both the metal and plastic parts makes perfect in every detail.

#2 Material of the Tubes

The tubes are now imported from Germany. It’s more elastic, much more comfortable to touch, and of course, more durable. This is my favorite part of upgrading which moves the machine up a level.


#3 More Color Options

You have two color options now, graceful grey and delightful blue. I prefer blue, what about you?

What’s the price now?

The previous price is 1600 USD. After all these upgrades, the latest price is 1560 USD. It’s even better! Well, believe it or not, it’s true. You’d better to take action rather than just take fancy!

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